puppeh by Matt Hovey
puppeh a photo by Matt Hovey on Flickr.

My lovely Kelpie pup, Buster.

I adopted him just over a year ago from my next door neighbours at the time.

The story goes that a “dog” was continually barking next door all night long. I wasn’t sleeping due to it and was getting more and more frustrated.

I decided to go next door and complain. If they were not going to do anything about it I would take it up with the Council.

They were apologetic, saying they had not time to walk him etc. They had to keep him down that side of the house because he and the dogs next door would dig to get each other (that has more to do with boredom … but I digress!). So they kept him in a 2×4 metre area … without walking him … without any interaction. That’s plain cruel and simply bull shit.

They wanted to know if I know anyone that would want him. They had another dog too and were keeping her. So they brought him out and … well … the rest is history …

He may be a bit nutty at times, but he is wonderful, full of little idiosyncrancies that are endearing, full of puppy exurberance that is sometimes frustrating … and full of love that makes me so glad I was able to take him in and make him part of my family.


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