the golden room

the golden room by Matt Hovey
the golden room a photo by Matt Hovey on Flickr.

I am sooo looking forward to autumn. The colors, the contrasts … oh how I love thee!!

This one was taken last Autumn down near my ovely Girlfirends place (check out her Flicker – – I hold her photography in very high regard!).

Merri Creek, Brunswick (or round abouts). A lovely part of the inner suburbs of Melbourne.


2 thoughts on “the golden room

  1. If autumn was like this here, I’d be looking forward to it, too. We do have some nice colors, but nothing like this. I love this composition, the yellow trees, the green shrubs, the fallen leaves, the reflection on the water, everything’s incredibly beautiful.

    • Thank you very much 🙂

      Not everything is like this down here … Australian flora is mainly ever green (and lots of green at that!), but you get this pockets of deciduous trees and it just oozes beauty (especially in the right light).

      Love it! 🙂

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