To 7D or not to 7D that is the question

Soon I must decide on the next camera. The little warhorse, the 1000D, is getting a little long in the tooth and frankly there is only so much you can do with an entry level DSLR (that’s still quite alot!).

Things such as lowlight AF and the like are a little bad, but for general use it does very well (I’d like to think so anyways).

So the next step is to decide which way to go with the next camera. The 7D has been around for a bit now … then there is the 5D MkIII potentially just around the corner (5D MkII at a cheaper price perhaps?!!?!).

So crop or full frame?

Full frame will take a little getting used to and crop is ok as I understand the differences and no need to nget used to the lengths etc associated with … not to mention I have lenses that cater for crop now.

So … pay in excess of $5000 (FF camera and a lens or two to begin with) or around $2,500 (Crop camera and a couple of more lenses). Australian dollars here.

I’m a little stumped by this.

Anyone out there had the same descision to make? How did you go about it and what was the outcome?

All I do know is that I will have one very happy daughter when I do get a new camera … 🙂


2 thoughts on “To 7D or not to 7D that is the question

  1. It depends upon if you need fast burst speed for sports photography. The 7d has an 8fps burst speed whereas the 5D Mark II only has a 3.9 fps burst speed.

    A full frame sensor is great if you really want the absolute most that the camera can give you but if it is sports photography I have decided to go with the 7D

    Blessings on you and yours
    John Wilder

    • Thanks for the comment John.

      I think you might be right there. The 7D seems a little more practical at this stage for my needs. As time goes on and when the girlfriend and I get our little photog business off the ground then I reckon the FF (MkII/MkIII etc) will come in handy (especially low light in wedddings/receptions).


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