A brief history of me.


So I have uploaded some images from my flicker page (can see heaps more there if you want 😀 ), but I guess it would be good to put a bit about myself here and why this blog and why now …

It has only been about 16 months since I picked up a DSLR. Before then it was a bit o’ point and shoot and not much else in this realm. Lots of writing (especially poetry) as my creative outlet, but I needed something else … so I thought, why not give photography a try?

I’ve had a deviantART site, jpeg Mag site, a tumblr blog and of course flickr in that time, but what has lasted has been flickr and the thought that I needed my own little space for some of my images, to which I can add little tid bits like this now and again.

Add to the fact that the lovely girlfriend and I are looking to start up our own photography business, then this also becomes an avenue for two things:

1)A little bit of a leg up for that site (under construction) and some free advertising 😀
2)A place where I can experiment and/or display my own photo’s outside the “business” sense … the creative appeal of my eye where I am not subject to the whims and ideas of anyone but myself.

So there you have it. A little bit about the why and the how that pushes me to where I am … now.



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